Friday, September 21, 2012

Proverbs Study FAQs

Why circle a number? Should I read the chapter 5 times?

You don't have to circle any numbers if you don't want to. If you choose to read the chapter aloud each day for several days, young children might enjoy keeping a record of how many times the chapter is read.  There is no certain number of times each chapter should be read. 

How many days should I study each chapter?

You decide how many days you want to spend in each chapter.  (In our family study, we are spending 3-5 days in each chapter.)

Where is the answer key?

There is not an answer key for this study.  Answers will vary, depending on age and understanding.  Encourage your child to focus on becoming wise rather than on getting a "right" answer.

Should I fill in all the blanks?

The questions are intended to help children think about what they've read or heard.  They may simply talk with you about the questions and their thoughts.  It is not necessary to fill in all the blanks--or any of the blanks.  You determine how to use the worksheets in the way that will be most helpful to your child.

Do I need to study all these topics?

You decide which topics you want to study.  Each of these topics will be addressed in at least one chapter of Proverbs.  You may want to focus on a particular topic with your child and ignore the others. 

What should I write on the topic pages?

Young children may discuss thoughts about a topic without writing on the topic sheet at all.  An older child may want to make a list of scripture references that address the topic or may choose to summarize what each chapter says about the topic.  As before, you determine how to use these sheets in the way that will be most helpful to your child.

We're ready for the next chapter and it's not yet available.  What should we do?

Chapter studies are being added weekly.  If you're moving through your study at a faster rate, you may move on without our study guide, or you can review an earlier chapter while waiting for the next study to become available.

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