About Us

Eric and Melissa Smith and family, Helena, Alabama

When our children were very young, I found that they could memorize large passages of scripture when they could sing them. Over the years, the Lord Jesus has enabled me to compose many simple melodies which our children learned easily. We are so thankful for the treasure of God’s Word that is hidden in their young hearts!

The scripture melodies aren’t just for children, though. We adults often find it more difficult to memorize than we did when we were younger, but we still find ourselves singing those advertising jingles we didn’t even realize we were hearing! We do learn what we hear and especially what we sing!

With encouragement from my husband Eric, I invested in music software and began publishing the music that has helped us hide the Word in our hearts. We’ve shared handwritten scores with several families already, and, in 2009, we began sharing actual sheet music via the Internet. We’re thankful for music and technology, but we’re even more thankful for the Word of God! We pray that this blog and our website will help you to learn His Word, to sing to the Lord, and, ultimately, to know God our Father better.